The SOT Castaway Challenge
Disclaimer: This site and the Castaway challenge are fan created and run with no connection with Rare or Microsoft.

Become a Legend without all that messy piracy. You too can forsake the pirates life and luxuries that come with it and enjoy the beauty of the sea. See where the sea takes you, as you try to survive from only the food you find, hunt or catch yourself while you profit from only the treasure you find along the way. Never weigh anchor, scuttle your boat to the depths and use mermaids, rowboats, swimming and the scuttle mechanic as your only form of travel. Beware the Ferryman though, his deal with the pirate lord says nothing of castaways and he is more than happy to send you to the sea of the damned instead of back to the sea of the living.

How to start:

Create an alternate account and login(You probably don't want to delete your main pirate if you happen to die, turn in, or eat something you shouldn't)

  1. Only sword and flintlock are allowed.
  2. Fire off all ammo when you spawn in. Ammo can be filled by fixed crates on islands, pouches or washed ashore ammo crates only.
  3. Do not pick up anything at the outpost.
  4. Never raise anchor on your boat, keep it scuttled as much as possible.
  5. Scuttle your boat and take the mermaid to get to your starting island.

Do's and Dont's

Barrel Do's Barrel Dont's
None Take anything from any barrels. **Barrels/Rowboats can be used to fill crates for merchant turn ins.
Food Do's Food Dont's
Eat Fish, Pig, Chicken or Snake that you kill yourself. Eat any meat that you didn't kill/catch and cook yourself.
Cook your food at any campfire. Cook your food on any stoves.
Pick up fruits you find in the sand. Pick up any fruits from barrels, storage crates, row boats, fruit crates.
Eat worms, grubs, leeches you have dug up.
Treasure Do's Treasure Dont's
Collect loot found washed ashore or in the shallows around islands. Take any loot from sunk player ships.
Collect loot found in island spawn spots. Take any loot from skeleton ships unless they sink to rock/storm damage and not cannons.
Collect loot from shipwrecks. Once per wreck, no farming. Take any loot from other pirates active quests (merchant shipwreck voyages, skeletons you don't have a map for).
PVE Do's PVE Dont's
Pick up Green Bottle quests. Do world events, sea forts, shrines, Fort of the damned, treasuries, or tall tales.
Kill emergent captains, ashen guardians, ashen key masters, take the skulls and gold and do the quest.
Kill emergent Ocean crawlers / Sirens for Gems.
Bottle Quest Do's Bottle Quest Dont's
Any quest from a Green bottle, not barrels. Collect any crates from Merchants, all crates must be found on islands.
Fill found crates using Take on barrels, or other crates. Collect any crates from Merchants, all crates must be found.
Ashes of the Damned can be collected if you find any rowing through the Ghost fleet world event. Take any supplies out of crates.
Hunters Call Do's Hunters Call Dont's
Empty ONE storage crate if you find it and use it to store caught fish. Remove any fish from the storage crate once placed inside, except when selling them.
Other Do's Other Dont's
Take a Mermaid back to you ship before you logout or to avoid PVP.

IF you find yourself stuck in geometry and will have to die to get out you can quit out of the game with no penetly.
ALT-F4 or just quit out to avoid dying.
Get a captained ship if you want, Sovereigns even have a nice Rowboat dock for us castaways.
Load in with any crew size you want, Everyone has to stick together and the same rules apply to all.
If a player dies, only that player has to make a new pirate, but if they want to join back, all the players must mermaid back to the ship and wait for them to join.
Bury Treasure if you want to come back later and get it.. Get Buried trasure maps from the outposts or sea posts.